Monday, January 21, 2013

No Limits! 20th January 2013

I said I would try to do a video blog to follow on from No Limits! yesterday, when we were thinking about justice and fairness.
I've added a few more thoughts on justice - ones that I live with in one way or another most days of my life, and I've made just a couple of suggestions for you to follow up, if you are interested.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I have written some Christian lyrics to the classic Guns n Roses rock song: 'Sweet Child o Mine'.

You can hear it at the above URL.

I know I can't sing, but you'll get the idea! I've been as true to the original arrangement as I could, played all the guitar parts myself, sequenced the base and drums, and mixed it all.

I just wonder what you all think about this - do you think it is a good idea, bad idea, or a waste of time?

Are Christian versions of classic songs OK, or not?

Would you like to sing this at No Limits! from time to time?

Let's have a Blog conversation about this ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cardboard City, 3rd February, 2012

The night of Friday, 3rd February was arguably the coldest night of the winter. That was the night we held our 'Cardboard City' night for the third successive year.

Many of us ended up sleeping inside the (unheated) church, but the Emmaus Bristol Companions who joined us, and a few hardy-perennial church members did stay out all night.

Alan Goddard (manager of the 'Wild Goose' Homeless Centre) was with us, and told us that he had spent twelve years homeless and living on the streets. Alan is living proof that the vast majority of homeless people are no different to you and me.

You can find the You Tube video at:

Five Emmaus Bristol Companions joined us and they were good to have around, and it is wonderful that they were willing, voluntarily, to make the sacrifice to sleep out again with us, in order to highlight the plight of the homeless in our wealthy city.

The City Centre Soup Run called by and warmed us up with soup and rolls, and Beryl Hurkett provided hot-dogs. All evidence of the good will there is in our church to make a difference for homeless people.

Remember, we are partnered with Emmaus Bristol, The Soup Run, and the Community of the Sister of the Church. Each is seeking to do all it can the the poorest and most marginal people in Bristol. I hope we will work together with them in future to make our partnerships as strong and effective as possible, to help those who need it most.

So, if you were there on the night, I wonder what you now think about it.

If you were not there, I wonder what you think about it.

If you've just watched the You Tube video, I wonder what you think about it now.

Why not post a comment ...