Saturday, March 10, 2012

I have written some Christian lyrics to the classic Guns n Roses rock song: 'Sweet Child o Mine'.

You can hear it at the above URL.

I know I can't sing, but you'll get the idea! I've been as true to the original arrangement as I could, played all the guitar parts myself, sequenced the base and drums, and mixed it all.

I just wonder what you all think about this - do you think it is a good idea, bad idea, or a waste of time?

Are Christian versions of classic songs OK, or not?

Would you like to sing this at No Limits! from time to time?

Let's have a Blog conversation about this ...


  1. Never a waste of time when you're intent is to praise God. Music like all art is a question of taste and if this appeals to some and spreads the Work, then mission accomplished. As for No Limits - I want to see a video of the congregation rocking!

  2. Really looking forward to blasting that out at No Limits!!! Axel Britton